Holly (OMN: No. 450)
esigned by Frank Jackson, this was the flagship line for Golden Agate. Both the line and color debuted in early 1903. Collectors have called this line "Holly Amber", however, there is no doubt that Golden Agate was the original name for the color because the phrase appears in trade journal accounts as well as letters written by Jacob Rosenthal. Despite the National Glass Company's weak financial position, this line was such a hot seller, that the company made a substantial investment in the line. Holly pieces are generally found in Golden Agate and Crystal and it is extraordinarily rare to find a piece in Chocolate, White Agate or Rose Agate and only 1 piece has ever been found in Cobalt Blue. The Golden Agate Holly is the only example of Early American Pattern Glass to be recognized as art glass by the Museum of Modern Art.

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