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his page is designed to allow visitors to the website to submit questions regarding Greentown Glass to the National Greentown Glass Association. These questions will be monitored by the webmaster and every effort will be made to find an answer. While some questions and answers will be displayed on the website, not all will be placed there. However, all questions will receive a prompt reply from the organizataion.

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I am looking for a cobalt blue rabbit on the nest. Can anyone help ??
There are many people looking for Cobalt Blue Animal Dishes. There are generally difficult to come across. At this time, the Greentown Glass Facebook page allows buying and selling of glass. You might post there and see if you can get a response.

Hey! I found these and I was curious to see if these were real or fake in your opinion. My hubby and I are debating it. Totally not sure
These were not produced by the Indiana Tumbler and Goblet Company. They did not utilize this iridescent effect.

Sir, I have recently purchased a set of Holly Blue tumblers all have a great iridescence. I see in one of the books on Greentown there is a Holly Blue plate,.do you know of any other pieces produced in the blue.
To date, the Blue Holly Round Tray is the only piece known in blue. Holly is generally found in Crystal and Golden Agate, however there are also a few known pieces in chocolate. The iridescence is generally attributed to carnival glass, which was not produced until after the Indiana Tumbler & Goblet Company was destroyed.

trying to find information on chocolate chrythemun cracker jar, please let me know, thank you
The Chocolate Chrysanthemum Pattern is a pattern that is still not attributed to a particular factory. The pattern is often considered "Greentown Chocolate" and often times collected by Greentown collectors, however, there is no evidence that it was produced at the factory site in Greentown, Indiana. The cracker jar is usually considered rare and difficult to find.

Was the Holly toothpick made in vaseline glass on a silverplate stand?
No, it was not. There are no known vaseline (Canary) pieces known in the Holly pattern.

I have a 9.25" round tray in Holly Amber #450. I am trying to determine if this piece has been reproduced and, if so, how to tell if this one is genuine, The detailing on the pattern (i.e. the lines on the vine and number of berries) is fine. Can you advi
The round tray has not been reproduced. Your tray is genuine!

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