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his page is designed to allow visitors to the website to submit questions regarding Greentown Glass to the National Greentown Glass Association. These questions will be monitored by the webmaster and every effort will be made to find an answer. While some questions and answers will be displayed on the website, not all will be placed there. However, all questions will receive a prompt reply from the organizataion.

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I have 2 pieces of genuine holly amber glass. One is a handled nappie - 4 1/2" across the top, and the other is a sauce dish, 4" across the top. They are both in perfect condition. Can you give me a value of these, please? Thank you
Hello, according to Price History available from the NGGA, the nappy is listed at $750 and the sauce is listed at $150 (3 1/2" sauce) or $200 (4 1/2" sauce). Be advised that our price history is published as an opinion and according to previous recorded sales (if known) and was last reviewed in 2010. In today's environment, we have seen many items sell for much less than listed and very few that sell for more.

I have what I believe is to be a indiana tumbler and goblet co. It is a mile green goblet here is a pic what info can you give me on this piece an a value please I have always loved this piece an have always wondered about it
This is an item that has in the past been attributed to and called Greentown Glass, however, at this time, there is no indication that this piece was pressed in Greentown. Greentown did press mugs similar to this in what is referred to as an Indoor Drinking Scene Mug and an Outdoor Drinking Scene Mug and they can be found in various sizes and styles in Nile, Chocolate, and a few other colors. As far as a value, I can only share what I have observed and I have seen many of these sale at local auctions and they generally bring $5 to $25.

Hello there, I recently inherited my grandmother's EAPG, which I adore. In the collection was this Holly Amber lid. Could you put an approximate value on it? It is in mint condition; no cracks or chips. Thank you!
The Price History Guide does not record just a lid or a base. You could utilize the Auction Price link on this website to see if a lid has sold at a previous auction.

Holly Amber (or Holly Pattern in Golden Agate color) usually has value. It is one of the only items of EAPG galss that is considered art glass by the Museum of Modern Art. I would think that the right collector looking for a lid to their compote might pay at least $300-$500 for the lid, but that is only a best guess.

I often go to auctions and the auctioneer will say this is probably Greentown glass or this might be Greentown glass. How do I know it is real Greentown glass and did the factory put a makers mark or paper label on the glass?
The best way to know is to read and study the guides put out by the NGGA available on this site. The factory did not use any type of makers mark. Paper labels were sometimes used, but they were used to advertise the good or store that was selling or giving away the glass. You have to remember that at the turn of the century, pressed glass was an inexpensive way to get the look of the much more expensive cut glass. Most of the products sold by IT&G were not sold to individuals, but to businesses who used them as a packers good, give aways, etc.

I have a pair of humming bird feeders they are shaped like a ball with a round glass knob on top, and a wire bale, the tops are swirled with white glass, and have some indentations around the top. can not find them on computer, thought you might be able
Although some believe that there were other items produced at the factory, at this time, we have no evidence that anything like this was produced by the Indiana Tumbler & Goblet.

do you have a book on reproductions and if so can I buy it
Yes, we do have a book available. You can download the order form from the "Publications" tab on this website.

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